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Re: How many days do YOU PIF before statement cut?

brother7 wrote:

daybreakgonesXe wrote:

I only want to make one payment a month to my CC

If you make only one payment/month, then you should pay your current account balance (which should be more than your last statement balance) by the due date AND stop using the card until the next statement date. That will result in a zero balance on your next statement.


If you make payments on the credit card company's website via checking account debit, you can schedule a payment 1 day before the due date. The payment will be on time and the payment will be posted before the next statement.

depends which bank/cu you send it from. 

i have to set it up 3 buisness days ahead of time. 

and do the math if i have any pending charges so there is no surprises. 

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