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Re: What Credit Cards should I pay off?

dl5770 wrote:

Hello all!

I am new to this board and it appears to be a great resource to get some solid advise.


I am coming into some money ($18,000) in January and would like to take the best approach in paying off some Credit Cards. Both for Credit Score and peace of mind!


Here's my situation (listed by highest ARP):


Cap 1 (17.9%) - $575 balance ($5,000)

AMEX (17.24%) - $7,722 balance ($8,000 limit)

Discover (12.99%) - $6,118 balance ($7,200 limit)

Chase (12.24%) - $4,913 balance ($5,500 limit)

BOA (9.24%) - $9,927 balance ($11,100 limit)

Citi (6.24%) - $9,355 balance ($9,500)


 My thoughts are: Cap 1, AMEX and BOA....OR.....Cap 1, AMEX, Discover and Chase (most of)


Any input would be great!!


You could knock out your Capi 1 really fast.  Assuming your $18,000 is used to pay off debt (of course, this may not be the case) I would then set AMEX as your priority (PIF!!) , and spread the remaining amount you have on your other cards.


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