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Re: How to get a PC or CLI from Capital One
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I just tried emailing them for CLI on my Spark credit card.  I'll post back if/when I hear anything.


My current limit is $750.


Hopefully it will be a nice increase.  I've had the card since Sept. 2011, perfect payment history, 680-700 fico scores, and 100k+ income.


I've also tried with customer service rep initiated CLI's to no avail.



********Update************* Someone from the Cap1 Exec office called me today (same day I sent the email).  They took some of my financial information and said they will be doing a manual review of my account using a SP of my credit file.  They said they'll contact me in 3 days to let me know if and what my CLI will be.  


********Update*************Just got another call from the Cap1 Exec office.  They bumped me from $750 to $5,000.  Whoo hoooo!!!!!