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Re: Hotel cards that pay for itself.
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Thanks for clarifying that up for me kekrre and Cdnewmanpac. Makes sense now.


I think I am zeroing in on Priority Club for my next app round in April.


How do the point system work for Priority Club? It says "earn 2 points per $1 spent on Purchases at Gas Stations, Grocery Stores and Restaurants". Are these points equal to UR points in value? UR points are worth $0.01 per point. Could that be said with these points? If I were to transfer UR points between my CSP and Priority Club and vice versa, how would that work and is there any benefits or drawbacks? If they do work the same as UR points in those categories it could easily replace BCE for gas and grocery. But I have a feeling it does not work the same way.


edit: As far as using the points and the free night. Do different rooms cost different amount of points. Same goes for the free night. Could I use it for different type of rooms or is it pretty much a room for "1 adult with a standup shower stall"

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