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Re: CapOne On Death Row...

distantarray wrote:

jsucool76 wrote:

I feel like the opposite of everyone who is in one of these threads. I plan on getting another cap1 card when I get into the "prime" arena (or at least upgrading mine to the Visa Sig version eventually, ). Their prime cards are actually pretty nice. Nothing flashy or anything but the Cash rewards card is pretty nice, and the venture card is actually a great deal if you spend/travel a lot, 2% on everything sounds fine to me Smiley Very Happy I kinda wish I picked that instead of cash, I mean...everyone knows Alec Baldwin > Jimmy Fallon....

the cash rewards is decent, but the venture card is subpar as long as there's 2% cards out there like Priceline that has 2% with zero annual fees. to Offset the difference with annual fees you would have to spend 10k a year on it. For the most average middle class with Excellent credit which is required for the Venture card you could get so much more.   Capital One is NOT PRIME.

Unless you have a different spending pattern!    Priceline has a 3% FTF, Fidelity Amex also has one.  I use my Capital One cards when I'm out of the country or purchasing from foreign sites.  They give a consistent 1.5% and no FTF.  Of course, Capital One led the way on 0 fees, reversing the standard 1% Visa charge.  Now others have followed but, AFAIK, there isn't the combination of 2% and no FTF anywhere.