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Cap 1 customized offer Never Heard of This

I am eligible for Cap 1's Platinum Mastercard offer:


0% APR through 9/2013 on purchases/BT's.


Access to higher credit line after making first 5 monthly payments on time.



I am really wanting to apply for this card just for the fact there is no BT fee,

but I was chatting with a Cap 1 rep on the site and was trying to figure out

if becoming an AU on my girlfriends Cap 1 Furniture row card would get me denied or excluded from my offer for the above card.


Does anyone know if they've ever heard of customized offers that aren't available to everyone?

I've never seen a card except for Chase Slate I think, but even then that's just a temporary thing.

This says NONE for transfer fee.


Will becoming an AU on a 1,200 limit card increase my chances of getting approved?

And I know it takes time for them to report, but the chat rep for Cap 1 said it's up to the credit bureaus if the limit shows on my account

from the AU card.