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two mail offers, two different end dates

I have two offers for a card.


They were both in my mailbox at the same time. But I hadn't checked my mail for almost a week.


One ends December 26th, 2012.

Other ends 01/02/2013.


It's a customized offer. The reservation # is different on each.

Does anyone know which one to apply with? I'm wondering if my credit info plays a part in the time they were sent out.

Know what I mean?


The one that ends the 26th, maybe that code to apply is linked with how my credit looked at a certain point.

Then same for the one that ends 01/02/13.

Now I know there's not much difference between the dates but if my scores and report have something to do with

when they were sent out, I'd like to know.


Anyone have thoughts on this?