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Re: Cap 1 customized offer Never Heard of This
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I understand but if your an AU for a day and apply for the card how would that make a difference? You would have to be an AU for like 6 mos for it to maybe make a difference. If your worried about your CLI with Citi you should focus on lowering your util%, not apping (too many new accounts as possible decline for Citi CLI).


Want to lower your util%? Call Walmart UW and request them to increase your CLI to like $2500 - $3k it's a SP


You would be more likely to get your Citi CLI that way because they would be more willing to match your limit on say, Discover if more lenders trust you with higher TLs. Whereas Cap One will probably approve you for $750 and after your 5th statement give you a $250 CLI so how will that help you with Citi? That shows them lenders don't want to trust you with higher TLs.

And Discover is your highest limit - you can't expect them to CLI you when you don't have any other limits close to theirs...

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