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Re: Cap 1 customized offer Never Heard of This

Don't do it online as you get denied all the time usually. I would call Wal-Mart: 800-480-0205 (personal accounts) on Monday and request a CLI to like $3k. I called that number last week and successfully went from $900 to $2500 on a SP they put me on hold like 5 minutes and came back instant approved.


Also if your looking for another card I would apply for either a Chase Slate or Freedom. I got my freedom with like 20 inqs across all reports with a 650 EX Fico. If you don't feel confident about the Freedom app for the Slate as it's not as hard to get approved for and ask for a PC in 6 mos to the Freedom - much better than a Cap One. Also Freedom is 0% for 15 mos on purchases - unsure about BT and like $150 back after $1k spending in 3 mos. But remember to get util below 10% and have it report before you app.


But seriously call that number I gave you for Walmart tomorrow and request a CLI - you will get it depending on how long you've had your card.

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