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Re: Next step?
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For dining options include:


1) US Bank Cash Plus.  You can choose 5% off restaurants all the time (as compared to rotating quarters)  Disadvantage is that unusually this card has different categories for restaurants and fast food, so if you tend to go to a mixture, you will use both of the allowed 5% categories on this (giving up bill pay for example)


2) Citi Forward.  5 Thank You points per $.  Thank You points aren't always regarded as worth 1c, but for some redemptions than can be


3) Chase Freedom/Some Discover cards/others: these have rotating 5% categories, frequently including dining at least 1 quarter a year.  Generally capped to $75 a quarter back on all 5% categories ($1500 spend).  Cash Plus isn't capped, and Citi Forward probably isn't either.