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Re: Chase Pre-approval site - something new?
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Creditaddict wrote:

Jutz wrote:

As far as preapproval sites go...are they based on previous promotional soft pulls that the company may have already done...or do these sites "force" a soft pull and give you offers based on that?

Not totally sure because the wording sounds like it's finding an offer that was mailed to you... My partner has never gotten anything outside of BT offers for his Freedom that he NEVER uses... but low and behold Slate was offer and was instantly approved so not sure about instant SP or already in system.  I have gotten 3 others to do it also and had no offers... so hoping others will get offers and actually apply and see if we can trust this...

Makes me miss the BofA one that use to exist.  Not sure on the APR either... He got 16% which is tier 2 based on the APR's available... I find that annoying that APR tier is "Based on our credit review" right? so his credit is good enough for $9k but doesn't qualify for 11%? won't effect us for 15 months but still!!!

i haven't had any offers from chase mailed to me lately (so the system apparently didn't find an offer that was mailed out). 

i think it's a SP (there was a disclaimer box saying it wouldn't affect credit score), and the system "recognized" that i already had a chase freedom (as that was not offered to me).  I was offered the Slate at 11% interest. (didn't apply, though)


what i've read on this forum is that the CL is often based on income, while APR is based on credit score (including, i would guess inq's, aaoa, lates, etc).  don't know how true that is, but that's what i've read here. 

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