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Re: What should be my next move?
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I aplogize for the slow response but here's what I have been up to so far:


I applied for the Chase Freedom a couple of days ago and unfortunately received the 30 day response so I am still waiting to hear about that. 

Decided to apply for the Citi Dividend Platinum Visa and was instantly approved for $4000, so very happy about that.  My highest limit and an Experian score of 744. 


I decided not to apply for the AMEX card until I hear back from Chase, if I am denied I'll go ahead and app, but if approved I think I'll wait and work the garden for a while.  


As far as Chase goes, when would be a good opportunity to call and ask for a status on my Freedom card, also should I ask Capital One or Discover to match my limits on the Citi?  




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