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Re: Amex question

pat0812 wrote:

i have only 7 months credit history but I have already 4 cc 

i started credit in may 2012

walmart recently raised my limit from 400 to 1050


wells fargo $300 secured 

capital one $500

amex gold  NPSL (opened November 2012)


i need to buy a car soon and I was wondering if applying 

in January for an amex revolver will help me?

would it backdate to January 2012 and will it make it look like my history  is 1 year old ? Or will my 

credit history show up as I started it in January in stead of may ?

will that help me?

Seems like you asked this before. If you don't have a lot of inq, you can apply for amex revolver. However, I am not sure if you would be approve with thin file. The good news is that if you get denied, it would be a sp.


As for a car loan, how much are we talking about? a focus? beeemer? or corvette?

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