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Re: Guess the cause of my score drop

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Okay, I'll make a wild guess here.  One of your oldest accounts fell off and at the same time a new credit item with a balance appeared which reduced your AAoA and increased your utilization.

After going over all the scenarios pictured in this thread, some being pretty clever and creative, and some being very "realistic" Smiley Wink, I think this one came the closest. So Rhaeny will be honored in my signature line for a whole month. Congrats! If you don't like the way it looks now, let me know what you would like to see. Cat LOL


LOL! Okay I can't believe I guessed it.  I wish this had a "Lotto" flavor attached to it, but since it doesn't this is second best Smiley Very Happy.


And the signature is just fine.  Thanks!

Tried my best to make this a fun game. Cat Wink

BTW, utilization does have a huge effect on FICO scores. By dropping utilization from 40% to 30%, I raised my Equifax FICO score by 15 points!