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Re: Best Credit Unions out there

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USAA is a military based bank right? Can I join if my uncle was in the army? My grandfather was also in the army. I notice they have really looow rates!

Unfortunately just having a family member who was in the military isn't enough. They have to be a current or past member of USAA. I believe your uncle or g'father could join USAA as former military and then you could join as a family member.


it can be if your grandfather or grandmother died in WW1 or WW2 Smiley Tongue


there's always ways to get in. I got into NFCU because my biological dad was in the Army and has accounts with them. Sad thing is my parents divorced when I was 2 so I don't even know he looks like, or know his birthsday lol, I got in because I was willing to provide a birth certificate that was provided from a military hospital. =)

Maiden Girl was talking about USAA, which has different requirements than NFCU. My grandfather was in the Marines, but I could only get ltd m'ship w/USAA because he was never a member.


yep for USAA you can get in if you had the loss of a grandparent in the either of the World Wars, so current or past member rule doesn't always apply.

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