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Re: Apple Barclay/Juniper denied, denied, denied

aissa_sf wrote:

I'm at 603 score. I filed bankruptcy a year ago.. I just took a hit to apply for it just 'coz it's Xmas and my daughters birthday is a little after holiday.

I've been trying but unfortunately Barclay does not like to have many credit cards and high rate of using it even though you were never late.I have a lot of inquiries too just because I'm establishing credits.

Anyway I may not need to apply on this card anymore just because I will not have a need for it. I will probably just have some other family give her

the IPAD if they can afford it instead.


I will rest of applying cards till some of those items already clear my credit. I'm a little frustrated though but that's what happens when your credit is ruined.


Give it time credit does improve once the baddies fall off.Keep your chin up!

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