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Re: Apple Barclay/Juniper denied, denied, denied

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Sorry to hear. I think Barclays Apple Card is harder than other Barclays cards. You can apply for Best Buy Card and it has longer fiancing plan.




I'm pretty sure the OP wouldn't get approved for one. The Best buy card is probably the best one to get when it comes to financing apple products.

With all due respect, I'm pretty sure you are dead wrong...and the reason I know this is I was approved from the Barclay Apple Visa with a 616 TU, a recent BK, and 50%util


To the OP, here is the key with Barclay Apple and recons: They very badly want you to buy the Apple stuff. When I first reconned, they said no. When I lamented the fact that I wouldn't be buying my first Apple product, the guy put me on hold and came back asking me what I wanted. I said the laptop that was 1,099...he approved me for 1,300.


I would recon and tell the rep specificallwith at you want to buy it with no interest financing for Christmas. YMMV, but I think you have a shot with FICO above 600 this time of year.



I was denied at first, and called in to recon.  Advised that I wanted to buy an apple product (I really didn't), and I was approved for 1k (they matched my highest Seecured card limit) and have since given me a $1200 auto-CLI and I've only had the card now for 6months.

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