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Re: Walmart store credit card: research

Tu 674 fako 694

ex 633 credit sesame (inaccurate data)

eq ??? Must be bad since I got denied when eq was pulled

gecrb 465 (up to 620)


walmart store card 600 6th line in 7 mos 22.9 pif (latest)


tu pulled again. Most of the apps were due to scores on tu 


BML 760 (not a fixed limit just a line)(first unsecured line of credit)(all standard charges pif)

amazon store 1700 24.99 pif on charges due, installment on eligible items

gap store 700 24.99 pif every month

discover more platinum 1000 18.99 (0% till 2014)

cu secured 1000 (11.9)(going to pif this month)

(about time to increase my limit on cu visa for higher limit on other accounts)


denied: chase/amex bce/cu visa( not for self employed)

declined offer: cap one plat mc 24.9 no specials( save one crappy ding) 


chase- 4 Card is too many to get another

amex - demands lower balances, less enquiries, aging credits, took 5 minutes online before the denial. In process all the time. tu 674 was within range.