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Declined less than30 days ago but still getting pre approval mailers

Hey everyone,

A few weeks ago I had received a pre selected mailer from Barclays Bank for their rewards card. With 4 cards currently in the wallet, but none that offered rewards, I was interested and proceeded to call to submit an app. Got the 10 day message upon the app. When I called back a week later, spoke with a credit analyst who said I was denied due to util that was reporting(about 75 percent at time of app) and age of accounts (all less than a year). 


Now 3 weeks later, I have received two additional mailers with the same offer.
I had explained on the recon that the util was high due to Hurricane Sandy, and I think she was gonna look past that, however she said she could not look past both util and AAOA.


Should I try again now util is reporting less than 10 percent, or wait about 6 months?

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