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Re: Went on a app spree and .................

dodgeball wrote:

Got approved for 2 of the 5, I apped for. Got the Barclays apple card with a limit of 1,700 and Discover More card for 1,200. So I am happy the rest of them are the standard wait for 7 days, which in my experience means denial.

Not necesarily.  I apped for the AMEX plat, and got that message.  3 days later I was sent the approval notice. 


I applied for the discover more card with a requested limit of 14K.  They gave me the message of 30 days.  I though this was a sure denial, but a CSR called me only one question.  "Why did you close your last discover card." I stated they would not reduce my interest rate, and my credit profile should have allowed the drop (20+% with a high 700 score).  She thanked me and approved the request. 


My last 2 apps were giving the 7-10, and 30 day notice, and both were approved without have to recon.