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Re: Has anyone NOT in credit steps ever received a CLI from Capital One?
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jsucool76 wrote:

bs6054 wrote:
Different versions:

2% on everything, 5% on some price line transactions

Thats so weird, aren't juniper and barclays the same company? I hate when companies do crap like that. lol. 

I guess it happens a lot with different offers available to different groups.  Just strange when forums like this "find" the links and see the variety.


And not just cards of course.  Today I got a renewal offer from a competitve electricity supplier, good rate and if you renewed, you get a $25 Visa gift card.   You could mail back a form or call.  So I called.  After some identifying information, I was asked "What is the rate in the offer" and then, a few minutes later, "Did the letter mention anything else?"  I was tempted to say "A $10,000 Visa card" but thought that was pushing it.  From the questions, I assume that customers are offered varying rates and some may get gift cards and others not, or worse, there is some super offer that I didn't get.