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Taking advantage of an offer ...

Well, I have a reunion coming up in April in South Beach.  One fof my friends is springing for a suite at The W Hotel, but around 14 of us are going to need to find alternate accomodations (or spend over $700 per night to stay at The W).


I found a Whyndham that is near The W (not on the beach but irrelevant with access at The W) that costs 15,000 points per night.  


I then found an ad for the Whyndham Rewards Card where I get 30,000 points after my first purchase (annual fee is $69.00).


My questions are as follows:


1.  Is this a decent card?


2.  Should I recommend to my friends that half of us app for the card, take the 30,000 free points and get the free weekend (2 to a room)?


3.  The annual fee is waived the first year ... if I cancel before the first year is up do I owe them anything for the points I took advantage of?


Thanks in advance

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