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Re: AMEX is watching me!
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ztnjpv wrote:



Thanks. I thought it was maybe something more straightforward like a message on the inline account. I can't see soft inquiries anywhere on my myfico reports. I know Equifax shows them at but I don't subscribe anymore. 


Would they mainly survey Experian? And if so, how does one go about seeing soft inquiries on an Experian report with a requesting a physical copy of the report?...or any report?

Amex will NEVER pull my TU report, but they do Equifax/Experian on a regular basis. What I've done in the past is take a look at my report every when I think about it...for free ! I know that they AR once a month, so I will check either one every 60-90 days (use the reason "adverse action" to get it FREE). They don't know....don't check....and I don't pay !