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Re: Amex green,.,aaoa?

amercnchopz34 wrote:

amercnchopz34 wrote:

Is there a certain number i should call?

I was a AU on this account back in 1996.....should  i wake a sleeping giant?

Not sure how this is waking the giant.


Im a little confused. Your online acct shows member since 1996, but you did not have your own card until now, is that correct? If so, then it is reporting correctly. It's a quirk that your online is showing a 96 member since date. Amex doesn't consider additional cardholders (AUs) to be members. You become a member when you get your own card.


A couple of yrs ago they stopped backdating cards to the AU date. Occasionally someone posts about getting that done, but that is by far the exception and not the rule. 


You can try and call them and ask for your member since date be changed to 96. They don't use the term backdating. Maybe say that your credit report isn't reflecting your member since date, like it is online. 



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