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Goal cards for 2013??
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As 2012 comes to close, I can't help but sit back and ponder about how far I've come. Around this time last year, I had NO revolving credit and was using a debit card on a daily basis. At this point in time, I've gained over $3500 in revolving credit (thanks to 5 major cards and one store card)


2013 gets me all giddy with excitement because the majority of my baddies will be falling off, and at least one my scores have the possibility of reaching 700 for probably the first time...well...ever.


I have a couple cards in mind for 2013:


  • Barclays NFL Extra Points Card (maybe early 2013...seems like the easiest prime card to get...perfect transition into "primeville")
  • Discover IT
  • USAA Platinum Rewards Visa
  • Chase Amazon Visa

If I can get any two of those, it'll be time to consolidate a little. Credit One would be getting the Axe, as well as the other rebuilders (2 @ $500 CL each)


What cards are YOU aiming for next year?

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