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Re: Goal cards for 2013??

2012: Got most of the cards I really wanted even though I had no history to start with. Very happy with what I have right now and my limits (cards in sig)


2013: There really are only two cards I really want, and I will apply in June after 6 months of being in the garden. The BCE and Freedom, and I might go for the Gold Delta if I am not approved for the BCE, or maybe the SPG. Just depends. I think I will qualify for the Freedom the next time I apply though. And then I'm going into the garden for at least another 6 months to a year. I might want to increase my limits a little bit as well and hopefully with an SP (BOFA to 1,000 and Citi and Discover 500 each to 2k respectfully.) 

Bank of America: Cash Rewards.- 4.2k. 4/25/12 (CLI Increase 6/15/13, CLI May of 2015, sept 2015), Citi: Forward- 4.5k. 10/27/12 (CLI on 2/8/14, SP, CLI on 9/26/15 sp). Discover: More- 7k, 10/27/12 (Increase 6/1/14, CLI in May of 2015, SP 9/2015) Amex: PRG- NPSL (closed 12/13/13). 11/24/12. Chase: Freedom. 5/1/13- 5k (EX CLI HP 9/2015) Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus.-3.6k. 6/15/13. Amex BCE-2k. 12/7/13. Amex SPG-5k 12/8/13 (CLI on 9/2015) Capital one VentureOne Visa Signature-10k (9/6/15). Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World MasterCard-4K. Last App: 9/6/15. Total cl: 45,300