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I took the plunge...NFCU

So I've been reading all the wonderful stories about NFCU and decided to join on yesterday. Well I received a call today from a CSR regarding the online site. After he finished telling me about the great benefits of NFCU he says, Mr. ... You are eligible for our Flagship card, little did he know I was planning on applying on Jan 2nd (paid off cc's to get utl down, waiting for update CR). After providing my info, he said it would be 3-5 business days before a decision. Wow. He said, they are behind with reviewing applications.  I'm a little nervous right now. 

Starting Scores 12/26/12: Exp (Fako):659| Equ (Fako): 719|TU (Fako) 665
Current: 1/1/13 Equ (FICO) 649, TU 613
Goal Scores: 750+

In the garden till scores reach 700.