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Re: Am I the only one who dislikes my ZYNC?

creditnocash wrote:

GoldenloveNY wrote:

Yea, the Zync looks cool (imo). I am still getting reactions from it. Now my response towards people asking if that's a new amex card is, "Yea, it was a new charge card from Amex that came out a while back, but it is no longer available to new clients. It was a available only for certain period of time, and to select individuals. It looks good, though right?".

x2 i actually went to a liquor store of all places and the owner rang me through. 

he said oo a white one whats this one do. and i was just like ohh just the usual stuff but you cant get this one anymore. 

special invitation lol. 


Zync from American Express- NPSL
Amex BCE- $1,000
Discover IT- $1,500
Bank of America 1-2-3 Rewards-$1,000
Chase Freedom- $500
Capital One- $500