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Re: Utilization Theories

not only balances, and cards reporting but also age.... 


when you use the simulator in myfico it says best course of action for 2 years of on time payments. 


so the months you pay your balances down your also gaining history. I guess that wouldnt matter so much for someone with 5+ years though. 


my utilization jumped form 4% 1 card reporting to 20% 5 cards reporting and 3 cards show to be more then 70% used my score plummeted 30 FICO points on sw. yet before that I reported 4-7% on 1 card and was at my highest at 712. 


my aaoa is about 10 months with 8inq on eq. (2 are car related) (3 are pulls for my bank for dumb things) 

but honestly I did it for the theory more then applying for credit. 

It was fun seeing my score go up or down on one little technicality. 

but then again im young and when all my inq's fall off and my util is at the 4% my score will surely benefit from it. 

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