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Re: Ever have trouble choosing .........
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jsucool76 wrote:
I do sometimes. My "go to" card is my cap1 since it earns 1% plus the 50% bonus, but i always want to make sure all of my cards get used at least once a month.

Same problem as the OP sometimes when I'm NOT shopping at JCP :smileywink: then I always use my JCP card...but at every other store, I stare at my collection, wondering what to do next...especially if Freedom isn't offer 5x back on department stores...


But like jsucool76, I'll use the card I haven't used yet for that billing cycle. If all cards have been already used, at this point in time I'd likely grab my Sapphire since I'm so close to the $500 spending. If I already hit the threshold, then I'd do an eeny meenie miny moe on Sapphire, Freedom, or TD Bank :smileywink: 1x for all of them. Orchard...we won't even go there...

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