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Re: To those thinking of applying for Discover It

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Don't. Apply for the More instead.


First of all, the benefits of the card aren't all clear. It may be missing some perks that the Discover More offers.


Secondly, the It doesn't have a card builder function while the More still does. You can select your introductory benefits for the More through the following link:


Thirdly, you can easily switch from the More to the It if the latter proves superior with time.


That's all. Thanks for reading.

Lordy, when I read this I just dropped the hammer and app'd.  Got the dreaded 5-7 day message yet they asked me if I wanted to set up my online access, which I did.  But why would it ask me to set up online access if I'm not approved?  It also says something about in order to expedite the process to call a number to speak with a specialist.  They pulled EQ and my score has dropped a bit to 704 from all the apps and approvals.  


Oh well it was too late to call as they closed at midnight.  If they approve me I tell you what, you can just blow me over with a feather.  I've had a darn good streak the last few months with ALL approvals for everything that I app'd for.  I will stay optimistic on this app but this is the first time that I am feeling not so confident about an approval.


The same thing happened to me when I app'd for my More card a few months ago. They asked me to setup online access yada yada and to call to expedite. The call was just to verify my info and I was approved right then. Sounds like the same is about to happen for you. This is a good sign.

I had the exact same experience. Very positive Rhaeny was approved. Robot Very Happy

Okay I was approved!!!  It wasn't for the most favorable limit and terms but I got it.  


The guy I talked was super nice and he asked me why I was interested in the card.  I told him all of the standard I've read awesome reviews and the cash back option is very attractive, yada yada yada.  The next thing he asked about was my bk and when was it filed.  I told him March 2007 and he said okay let me back that out right now.  Then he said "Okay good deleted that????".  I'm thinking huh?  I didn't want to talk about that further so I just kept quiet.  But what the hell does that mean?  Anyway, then he said that they were not able to offer me the original T&C's that I applied for.  


The terms and condtions are for the 1st 6 months the interest rate is 3.99% (includes BT) and then afterwards it is 22.99%.  Now the limit he could offer me is only $1K Smiley Sad.  I then asked if he could reconsider this and at least match my lowest major CC which is $2K.  And he said no that he was only able to offer the $1K but just wait 6 months and they will review.  He was so nice the way he said it.  He knows how to let a girl down and still make her feel good...LOL!  Oh and one other thing he did, he said that I applied for the Open Road card he suggested that I switch over to the IT.  I said okay so now I will get IT Smiley Very Happy.


So do you think I should call the backdoor or just let dead dogs lay?  I have opened so many cards since Sept that I really think I should close some of them.  Right now I have 5 inq on EX, 6 on EQ and 10 on TU.  Some of those were for an auto, but I have 12 new accounts in 4 months so 2013 will be the "I ain't applying for $h!T" year.  What do you guys think, call the backdoor or no?  Close some accounts or no?


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