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Re: Secured credit card

athan12 wrote:

I'm not a student anymore.. :smileysad: not yet.


I'm using a Bank of America student credit card right now. Does having a student credit card gets you less credit score than having an unsecrued credit card? Also, does having a secured credit card gets you less credit score than an unsecured credit card?


So basically if I'm planning to work my way up to an unsecured credit card, I should go with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or Credit Union? What are the other companies that you suggest other than these three companies? Because I know I have a bad record with Bank of America due to my bills due on my student credit card.


Thank you for your fast reply @daybreakgonesXe. I'm pretty new to this forum and just started rebuilding my credit score. :smileyhappy:

An unsecured, secured, and student credit card all are judged equally in the FICO scoring model :smileyhappy: So neither of them will give you a "less" score compared to the other!


And I forgot what other issuers give secured cards...NFCU and USAA usually do if you get denied for one of their products, not sure if this still holds true...Hopefully another member will be able to give a little bit more information on what other banks/CUs have secured cards!!


And no problem!! You should try posting this post in the rebuilding section as well! I'm sure a lot of people there have experience with different secured cards, and which issuers will be your best bet :smileyhappy: Good luck to you and your quest to a better credit score!!!

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