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Re: Discover Approval 'Caveats'?

daveg38 wrote:

I jockey back and forth between here and Credit Pulls Database and see how people get approved for Discover Cards.  This is what I've ascertained:


*Semi-recent baddies are ok

*Older 30 Day lates are ok

*Limited history is doable

*Scores can dip as low as 620's (FICO)




High utilization, no baddies, no lates and 2 years AAoA gets no love.  Maybe I'm lost somewhere, but wouldn't baddies throw higher red flags than someone aggressively using credit (yet paying down frequently)?


Help me to understand Discover logic and if applying with above (higher utilization yet nothing bad) would fly or not.

I dunno...I have two lates from last year and my baddies are paid and over 2 years old, one is gone in 2014...But my util was probably 3% at the time. Of course they called and asked me questions before approving me. But I would think that somone might have learned from their past mistakes and it shows by having a history of paying on time and keeping balances down


I dont care what your scores are and whats on your reports...No way would i give a person a line of credit when it looks like they are struggling to pay off their currents debts on paper

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