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Re: Am I the only one who dislikes my ZYNC?

creditnocash wrote:

im not trying to start a debate or anything but alot of people have said that they have been denied for another amex  due to a zync card. 

i actually well technically apped for a costco te when my mom and i opened our exec card and she took a pull but i didnt. she was denied due to zync being too new. (which at the time was like 3 weeks) but she also had high util and a bk reporting. 


i might apply for giggles next week for the te or a bce just too get my score.

my amex scores have been 715 (credit secure) for 3+ months but when i called they said they dont even use those scores..... okay lol 

the rep basically said the only way too know is to apply. 

This is likely the reason. I apped for Costco with a 9-yr old BK on my cr and was denied because of the bk.


a couple of years later, I  apped for Zync first and Costco later the same day. I was approved for both. I haven't heard of someone not getting Amex  because they have Zync. So many people here have used zync as their first Amex card. The only thing I've read is that the hard-limit cards haven't gone to NPSL But I believe I've even read a post a while back where someone who couldn't get their hard limit to go to NPSL apped and was approved for another Amex. 

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