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Re: Suggestion for 2013???

Catherine_Credit wrote:

Hi all,


So I reached 1 year and 4 month next week from my history, Clean history, just a few inqury from mortgage during June. I currently have $750 with Cap1 unsecured, and orchard bank $300. My husband just got approved for Chase Sapphare perferd last week with a $5k limit.  Whats my next step?? should he add me as a AU, or should I try my luck with a different company. Currently, my goal is Amex SPG, and a low interest rate mortgage. I heard that zync is gone, so what is the easiest card to be approved for AMEX?? Any suggestion would be great, thanks and happy new year.



 My Fico EX from 12/13 is 731, and all account is paid on time, and never late on payment.

You're score is looking great so far! Congrats to you! If your husband is responsible with credit, having him add you as an AU on the Sapphire will definitely help your chances with getting your own cards Smiley Happy


Easiest AMEX to get is the Delta Gold, however your score is looking pretty good! You can probably apply for the SPG, but I would wait until you're added as an AU on your husbands card for better success! All the best in your journey!

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