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Re: Suggestion for 2013???

Catherine_Credit wrote:

Hi all,


So I reached 1 year and 4 month next week from my history, Clean history, just a few inqury from mortgage during June. I currently have $750 with Cap1 unsecured, and orchard bank $300. My husband just got approved for Chase Sapphare perferd last week with a $5k limit.  Whats my next step?? should he add me as a AU, or should I try my luck with a different company. Currently, my goal is Amex SPG, and a low interest rate mortgage. I heard that zync is gone, so what is the easiest card to be approved for AMEX?? Any suggestion would be great, thanks and happy new year.



 My Fico EX from 12/13 is 731, and all account is paid on time, and never late on payment.

EX doesn't sell their FICO so I wonder if that came from a lender or if it might be a FAKO. FAKOs are credit scores other than FICO. E.g. Vantage, plus, etc. each CRA has their own FAKO score, but out has no relation to what your true FICO may be. You can get your EQ FICO frome here or from EQ, but you need to be sure it says FICO and not just credit score. Your TU FICO can be purchased here or gotten free if you have a Walmart cc.


Adding you as a user on a brand new cc isn't really going to do a lot for your credit. It will lower your already low AAoA. If he has a cc that is older with positive history and low util, then that would help your credit.


Amex spg is one of the tougher Amex to get. You might want to start with a green since zync isn't avail anymore. Delta is co-branded so a little easier to get. But their charge cards are easier than revolvers. 


Id also look at credit unions - either local ones or some that are mentioned here, depending on your mship eligibility. CUs are generally more willing to help people rebuild their credit, though some are conservative,

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