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Re: Am I the only one who dislikes my ZYNC?

bichonmom wrote:

I've been very disappointed in the rewards, too. I got the Connect pack and am barely (if at all) going to break even for the $15 it cost me. I put monthly Internet/phone, Dish, and cell on it. That's it. I will have had the card a year in feb and have gotten zero back from the card. There is a rewards balance, but I don't have enough to even get a $25 gift card! 


for rewards, it's just not worth my using it. And the due date is sooner than with a credit card, so it doesn't even give the buffer you'd get using their revolvers. Both of my Amex stmt dates are the same, but my Zync is due about 10 days earlier. It says something like, please pay by... But still, it's a due date. 


The only value of the card for me is the backdating, if it weren't for that, I'd cancel it.


i agree completely. 

i only added the free packs... actually like a few days before you couldnt anymore. 


as for the backdating still reports good for 10 years =) 


due date. my statement closes the 28th and says pay by the 15th. its the same every month.

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