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Re: I took the plunge...NFCU

jbunton444 wrote:

Congratulations; I'm taking the plunge, in waiting, attempting to graduate many cards into a few nice large CLI's.  We shall see; still a BK on Transunion and Experian until June/Junly 2013 (off of Equifax though -- won't complain)... hear they're a good bank.



Thanks and I'll take it:


Congratulations! Based on your creditworthiness, you have been approved for a Signature cashRewards Visa credit card. Your new credit line will be $5,000.00. 




Since I'm only at 654 w/six months to go before my Chapter 13 falls off... I can' complain... though without Barclays and many credit cards (probably 29 Store + varying Visa, Masterard, and Amex) I wouldn't have he chance.  Now... I can happily garden.

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