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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

SisterGirl wrote:

I've grown so much in knowledge from this great community & I will not seek any further credit lines, only nurture & care for what's already achieved. I've acquired new lines, improved old lines, & will seek new ventures late 2013 (Oct-Nov-Dec).


Happy New Year 2013 !



Need a new car but in the garden for at least the next few months, need to get my balances down so I can get a good rate on my car. Will shop for vehicle at my CU so only 1 inquiry when I do shop. I wish everyone a new year, I have a few baddies that will fall off this year, but will continue to have some for a few more years also, as someone said More than once it is a marathon, not a sprint. Best wishes everyone in getting your financial life on track. Smiley Happy

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