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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

Happy New Year!!!


Still sitting in the garden watching over my seedlings, but an auto refi is beckoning to me beyond the gate (NFCU $250 cash back offer).  2012 was VERY good to me credit-wise with the countless lessons learned from MyFICO smarties, lots of hard work on my part, and doses of pixie dust and prayers.  I went from a credit score in the mid-500s in January to a peak score of 721 and:


Built a new home, closed: 10/25

NFCU: $15,000

Partner's: $3,000

Amazon Visa: $6,500

Lowe's: $5,000

Cap 1: $750

Cap 1, Sparks: $750

Woman Within: $600

Target: (still at $200, 10 years later...)


My score has dropped with UTIL and I'm STILL waiting on that 0%BT from NFCU (from my keyboard to God's ears) to help out some with that.  Also still waiting to see if I have to sue my former landlady to get my deposit back that needs to go toward a CC.  Mortgage hasn't reported yet, so hoping for a boost with that one. Once my score climbs back a bit, I may answer the siren call of the auto refi.  Until then, I will sit firmly planted in the garden, enjoying the view.


BTW, who knew rewards cards were SO AWESOME???  I had no idea what I was missing out on with sucky credit scores!  I get money back for paying my bills, how sweet is that?

Starting Score: 10/1/2011 EQ 568 TU 593
Current Score: EQ 664 TU 700 EX 701 (FAKO)