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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

Happy New Year, health, wealth and good fortune to everyone @ the FICO forums.

It has been a two year credit recovery effort by me which started by getting my student loans out of default, paying off a few CA accounts, and getting a secured credit card with First Niagara for 500.00. The trip to the bottom is very quick, however the climb back to the top is slow and painstaking.

I thank everyone again who has posted,or answered my posts to help me regain my credit borrowing ability.  Smiley Very Happy


First Niagara (now unsecured) 2000

Discover Open Road                 1200

Chase Freedom                       5000

Walmart Discover                     1800

DCU                                           7500


Utilization is 3%


Im going to garden until @ least 6/2013,


On the wanted List:


Amex Green (hoping for backdating was an AU in 1987, still have Gold Card)

Penfed Signature Preferred




12/28 EX 745( FAKO)
12/28 DCU 742 FICO
12/28 WM TU 796 FICO
Walmart Discover 15k |CSP 14.4k | Penfed Cash Rewards 9k |DCU 7.5k | Chase Freedom 8k | FNFG 5k | Discover 6.4k| BOA 4k | BCE 3k