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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

Happy New Year, health, wealth and good fortune to everyone @ the FICO forums.

It has been a two year credit recovery effort by me which started by getting my student loans out of default, paying off a few CA accounts, and getting a secured credit card with First Niagara for 500.00. The trip to the bottom is very quick, however the climb back to the top is slow and painstaking.

I thank everyone again who has posted,or answered my posts to help me regain my credit borrowing ability.  :smileyvery-happy:


First Niagara (now unsecured) 2000

Discover Open Road                 1200

Chase Freedom                       5000

Walmart Discover                     1800

DCU                                           7500


Utilization is 3%


Im going to garden until @ least 6/2013,


On the wanted List:


Amex Green (hoping for backdating was an AU in 1987, still have Gold Card)

Penfed Signature Preferred




12/28 EX 745( FAKO)
12/28 DCU 742 FICO
12/28 WM TU 796 FICO
Walmart Discover 15k |CSP 14.4k | Penfed Cash Rewards 9k |DCU 7.5k | Chase Freedom 8k | FNFG 5k | Discover 6.4k| BOA 4k | BCE 3k