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Re: Can we start a new BK Friendly List of CC?

I had my BK discharged in Jan 2011. Lay low for 15 months. Then...


Orchard Bank Card and Credit One Card in April 2012-both gave me $600 limit (instant approval)

Capital One Secured Plat in April 2012-$250 limit (instant approval)


Lay low again for 6 months. Then app spree...


Barclaycard Visa through Apple Store in Nov 2012-$2200 limit (instant approval)

Capital One Cash Rewards Master in Nov 2012-$750 limit (instant approval)

HSBC Plat Master in Nov 2012-$750 limit

Walmart in Nov 2012-$500 limit (instant approval)

Amazon in Nov 2012-$600 limit (instant approval)

Best Buy in Nov 2012-$800 limit

Paypal SC in Nov 2012-$500 limit (instant approval)

Honda Auto Loan in Dec 2012- 0.9% (previous Honda Loan Paid b4 BK and have connection with Finance Director)


Barclay by far the most BK friendly, then you have the GECRB store card.

I think the key here is that if you just had BK, you need to lay low. Learn from your mistake, isn't that why you file for BK the first place?

Patient is the key... Spend on things that only you can afford!


Hopefully my list can help someone and good luck!