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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

NICKI183 wrote:

Well, 2012 was a truly challenging year.  I originally joined this site, as stated in previous post, in 2008 attempting to correct credit issues.  I hit the credit app bug quick and eventually found myself in the same predicament years later.  Last year, I had an epiphany to truly "get it together".  I have reviewed various post that state that you can do this on your own; however, I found great difficulty in doing so.  Therefore, in the last quarter of 2012 I acquired a credit repair service to assist.  Since that time they have been able to remove (7) Equifax, (0) Experian, and (11) Transition.  I decided that I need to also do my part and assist, so I logged back onto the myFICO to also aide in my credit advocacy.  It is important that if I work in tangent with the credit repair company I will begin to see swifter results.

In also reviewing my credit I have to now settle the debts for the "charge-offs".  I know that my days of burying are over and I have to face the music.  My UTI is extremely high (almost 85%) and I must tackle that immediately.   I first would like to obtain a secured USAA Amex for $1k.   Once I get this card I will only use that and put away the (4) cards I still have as active.


I started this race four years ago and did not finish; however, I am going to finish this time.  Once I get the USAA card I am staying in the garden until December 2013. I will see where I am and if I succeeded in decreasing my UTI to 0% and removing most of the baddies I will apply for 1 card as my Christmas present.


I am so ready to be able to answer my phone on a regular basis.   

(UPDATE)I have re-evaluated my post from 1/2/12 and made the decision to stay in the garden.  I have a lot of work ahead of my and I believe that the money I would put for a secured USAA card would assist my charge-off/collections if I paid them off or settle.  I think the excitement of seeing all these success stories has me at sorts. I know that this task is not easy and I must decrease my UTI and also reduce the baddies in order prime creditors to take me seriously.  
I know that by September 2013 there will be a change for me to apply for a REAL credit card and see seedlings sprout.   Until then I will continue to read on!!

imo, good decision to stay in the garden (re your UPDATE) Smiley Happy


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