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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

Back to the Garden for me.  


I had been in the garden since applying for the Chase Freedom and Amex Hilton in October.  I had soft pull CLI's on Amex and Discover.


Today I apped for the Chase Ink Plus (the lower minimum spending for the Ultimate Rewards amount was too tempting.  I figured I could put my final payment of my expected taxes on the card to help meet the minimum spending since I have the money in the bank anyway, might as well earn points for it).  I am an independent contractor and would have liked to put legitimate business expenses on the card, but they said my trade lines are too new and to give it some time for stability (I have been at this job for almost a year).



My goal is now to be in the garden for three months.  I would like to apply to some offers, but they might not be around by then ( United Explorer 50k points and US Airways 40k Chairman Preferred link).  I have some aspirational travel I would like to do, but nothing immediate.


I would also like to join NFCU and it is tempting since I just took the hard pull for the business card, but am not sure I would be approved since I am self employed and do not have pay stubs/ do not have a tax return for the current year.  Before this I had worked at and office job and then was on unemployment.

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