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Re: Secured Credit Cards not reporting as "secured" and not pulling a hard inquiry...

CMS70 wrote:

I am wanting to buy a house later this year, to help raise my score I am looking for a secured credit card with the following;


1)  one that will not pull a hard inquiry (soft at best) 

2)  Reports to all three credit bureaus as a regular credit card (not putting "secured" in the description).


I know the 'secured' issues will not effect my credit but could cause raise an eyebrow if my report is hand reviewed.


If anyone has first hand knowledge of one that fits, please post.

Do you have no major credit cards?  That is about the only way this will help your credit score.


Capital Bank Open Sky CC fits your criteria,   It costs $50 AF and has not grace period ( so don't use it much or pay it quickly as you go).