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Re: Is the Chase Sapphire Preferred worth carrying permanently?

HiLine, no doubt Fidelity with 2% is better than BofA Travel Rewards with 1.5% (or even 1.65), but I was sure that Fidelity card is offered only to those who have certain relationship with Fidelity Investments, right? If so, that would probably not be a fair comparison as CSP and BofA Travel are offered to whoever wants them (condition he/she is creditworthy enough). Frankly saying, I used BofA Travel mostly because I have this card, I like it and this card is #1 benchmark for me comparing it to the other cards...


"Value" of points is also something one can argue for a long time about. Back to my life abroad, I've always been a huge fan of cards with pure air miles (usually, 1 or 2 miles per $). In this case  the actual value when you redeem you bonus might well exceed any reasonable value you can get from cash-back. If you happen to book a ticket for Christmas time for 25000 miles paying only ~$100 in fuel charges/taxes, and this ticket costs $1000 or so in the market, then you have an increadibly good deal. If you happened to redeem 25000 miles + $100 in taxes for a ticket that costs $200 in the market, you've probably made not very wise decision. 

So, Chase UR / Amex MR points might be great, but YMMV significantly redeeming them...

By no means I don't want to say that they are bad, but you sometimes need to go an extra mile looking for the best options to redeem them. To this extend cashback is much more "consumer-friendly" :-)

In my wallet now: Amex PRG NPSL, Amex BCE $15k $17k (thanks to recent CLI), Chase Freedom 11k, CSP $6k, Chase United ME $5k, Citi Dividend $5.6k, Discover It $4.5k and a handful of other cards...
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