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Re: The Shopping Trick? No idea how to START
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Rhaeny wrote:

I had already answered another post asking the same question so I will just re-post it here:


The shopping cart trick is when you go to any of the sites the issue cards from Commenity (formerly WFFNB) and when you go to check out (you need to have created an account with your name and address) a pre-approved offer pops up.  In order for this to work you have to be opted in and your address on your credit report should be your current one.  You just put an item in your shopping cart and go to check out.  If there is a pre-approval waiting for you it will pop-up to tell you so.  It literally has the verbage you have been pre-approved.  You only enter the last 4 digits of your ss# and just a few other details (can't quite remember exactly what they were) and you've got your account.  This is all done with a soft pull.  


I've read that some people have tried it for months before they got it, but I got all of mine within a day or two of each other.  You can check your SP's to see who is checking your credit and that will tell you if you might have a pre-approval waiting for you.  If you have to put in your full ss# then that is a hard pull and not a pre-approva.  However the pre-approval clearly says "pre-approved" so its not hard to miss.  I got The Avenue, Victoria's Secret, Catherines & Woman Within with a total CL of $2K.  

Thank you! That clearly answered it ( I must have missed the other post you responded to )

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