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Re: The Shopping Trick? No idea how to START
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Wolf3 wrote:

Blazesian wrote:

I'm Gardening, so I can not use the trick just yet (although it's tempting), but I keep reading the posts saying how you get a pop up at check out...

Are you supposed to create an account first, then add items to the cart, etc? Were you already a heavy shopper with that store? I tried going to VS

and adding a bunch of things into the cart and clicking "checkout" and nothing happened..

Why not just apply for the VS card if you want it?  You don't need an invitation.    IMO, Store cards are great if you are a frequent customer.

I've been getting rejected lately due to having way too many inquiries, so if I haven't gotten a pre-approval at the end of my gardening (May) then I will apply. I've just gotten three new cards in a month, so I'm sure they'd deny me right now (:

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