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APPROVED. State Employee Credit Union Maryland

Wow. So I've been nursing my new Discover, Chase Freedom, and Amex Zync cards for a range of 3-6 months. (Zync for 6, Discover and Chase for 3). I keep hearing about how good credit unions are so I looked at my CU for Maryland. SECUMD welcomes just about anyone who went to college in Maryland or worked for the State of Maryland. I thought I'd apply seeing the luck everyone has with PenFed and such. I asked for a 2000.00 limit because my discover and Chase both have a 1k limit. BAMM approved! Says I will be contacted within 24 hours by a representative. So glad to have a larger limit for utilization purposes! Yay!

Cards: AMEX BCE (2k), Barclay Arrival Mastercard (4.3K), Chase Freedom (1K), Discover It (1.3k), SECU (2K), CapOne Quicksilver (750)

Current Scores- Experian- 695, Equifax- 689, Transunion-680

Goal- 720 Across the Board