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Re: Capital One must be feeling generous!

wonderandawe wrote:

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Congrats on the increase -- very nice!!! Smiley Happy


Yes, it also seems to me that Cap1 is softening a bit. I'm still in shock over getting my Platinum upgraded to Venture Signature, with no hassle -- just a "sure, you're eligible to upgrade" for a response. And this was without even having to contact the Executive Office!  I'm not quite sure what gives, but they may very well be rethinking their policies. The lack of their cards having the ability to grow has been a major complaint, so perhaps they are trying to improve customer loyalty. If this is the case, all I can say is good for them!


Wow!  How long had you had your Platinum before they upgraded you?  I got a Platinum to start building my revolving accounts and though i'd have to get rid of it in a couple of years due to AF/Lack of CLI.


I've had the card since 1999. I had so-so credit at the time, and they gave me a starting limit of $1400. Then in the mid 2000s I had some serious financial bumps in the road, and even though other cards were closed I managed to hang onto this one. My credit was absolutely trashed during that time period, but so long as I caught up on late payments, they kept the account open. I started rebuilding my credit in the summer of 2010 -- became current on accounts, both open and closed, and remained current; paid off any outstanding balances; etc. My scores went from the mid 500s to where they are in my siggy. In 2011, Cap1 gave me a whopping $5000 CLI, bringing the card up to $6400, which floored me! And now finally, the upgrade to Venture.


I don't know if they would have done this had I not had such a long history with them. OTOH, I'm surprised because they surely know my bumpy history. I suppose that they've been able to see that I've gotten my finances back on track and have rewarded my improved credit behavior. Whatever the reason, I'm grateful.

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